Fees & Appointments

What happens when you start therapy?

Initial phone call:

Once you’ve decided the contact Baldovie House we will arrange an initial 20 to 30 minute phone call, free of charge with the therapist of your choice, during which you can say what it is that that you are looking for and we can be sure that we have the skills that you need. If we don’t feel that we are able to help you properly then we will signpost you to other colleagues in the area who we think may be able to help you better. Generally, we will respond to any contact you make within 24 hours. Please note we are not an emergency service

Initial Session:

Our first session together involves your therapist taking some basic facts about in order to understand your background a little and more about what it is that has brought you into therapy. In the session we will also go through a client agreement to ensure that we both understand how our sessions together will work. The nuts and bolts of our agreement are as follows:

We offer individual and couples counselling and psychotherapy to adult clients [over 18 yeas of age]

We ask you to attend weekly usually at the same time on the same day of each week

The fee for a individual therapy is £55 and will last for 50 minutes

The fee for couple sessions is £90 pounds for 90 minutes

Ongoing Sessions:

Clients generally work weekly with the therapist and pay weekly in advance of each therapy session. Your therapist is available for you and the fee is due whether you attend or not unless you have agreed a week in advance that you won’t be attending. Our therapists work flexibly so that if they can reschedule your session in a week they will do so in order to ensure that you do not miss the session and do not unnecessarily pay for unattended sessions.

We ask you to give at least one weeks notice if you wish to end therapy and that you will attend a final session. The notice period increases the longer you have been in therapy.

All our work is governed by the ethical framework of the BACP and our therapists are Registered Members of the BACP and any complaint should be made to BACP

Our therapists are also governed by the Information Commissioners Office and ensure that you’re data is held in a confidential manner that is compliant with current government guidelines (GDPR). At the moment your data will be held on software designed for counsellors, BACPAC