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One definition of addiction, taken from Gabor Mate, is the compulsive need to continue to do something despite the negative consequences and to continue to repeat that behaviour. Addictive behaviours are in a sense coping mechanisms which have at some point been a useful way to help a client cope with the world. The behaviour has then itself become an issue.

We work with clients at various stages of dealing with alcohol addiction. Some people are just exploring their behaviour. Others have decided that they are harming themselves or their families and need to do something but aren’t sure what. Others have decided on a route of treatment and here we support them in finding the additional resource that they will need and finally there are those clients who have completed their recovery treatment and are looking for ongoing support and for the opportunity to do further therapeutic work.

Addiction impacts us in many ways consuming our money impacting our relationships with partners, children, parents, friends and work colleagues and in many instances having a direct impact on our physical health and in extreme cases leading to premature death, bankruptcy, divorce or imprisonment.

We also work with families and friends of addicts who live with the consequences of living with and caring for someone with addiction problems and we provide them with support as well.

If you find that you want to talk about addiction in your family or in your life please get in touch through the website over the phone.

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