Anxiety, Fear & Phobia

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Anxiety is one of the most debilitating experiences that person can have bring somebody to the point open unable to function hold down a job leave the house or even breathe. Many clients have no idea why they might be anxious, they just know that they are and they know that they feel dreadful. Many are are confused and do not understand what is happening to them.

Often anxiety manifests in limiting behaviours where sufferers are scared to say what they really think or are scared to be seen, scared to go out, scared to take risks, even small ones, and in this sense some peoples lives become severely limited.

We work with clients who have anxious presentations by focusing on two things firstly effective techniques to provide immediate relief so that the sense of our body as being out of control can be managed more effectively, including the avoidance of panic attacks. At the same time your therapist will be working with you on what has caused this dysregulation emotional and physical. Kate Simpson is a specialist in working with anxious people and combines therapeutic techniques with meditation and mindfulness in order to help clients take back control of their minds and their bodies.

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