Online and In-person Counselling

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Baldovie House offers both face to face therapy sessions and online sessions. Many clients prefer face to face work and being in the same room as a therapist and for others that is difficult or inconvenient.

Both Kate and Jon have extensive experience of working online with all client presentations throughout the pandemic lockdowns and can now offer clients the choice of working in person or virtually.

When working in person we invite you to our beautiful setting by the Montrose Basin on the Forfar Road at Maryton, about 2 miles from the centre of Montrose. The location is very discreet and set back from the road and enhances the confidential nature of the work we do. In good weather we sometimes work outside in the gardens. Our objective is to create a calm, peaceful and tranquil space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, securely.

If you prefer to work online the video conferencing technology which we use is Zoom we ask you to ensure that you have installed the Zoom App (free of charge) on the device of your choosing.

When working online it is essential that you take responsibility for your own confidentiality so that you can ensure that you are not over-heard or interrupted. We ask clients who work online to attend the session as if they were attending the session in person and we do provide some guidelines with regards to how to position your device so that we can simulate the experience of sitting opposite one another in a therapy session.

Anxiety, Fear & Phobia

Anxiety is one of the most debilitating experiences that person can have bring somebody to the point open unable to function hold down a job leave the house or even breathe. Many clients have no idea why they might be anxious, they just know that they are and they know that they feel dreadful. Many […]

Addictions & Alcohol

One definition of addiction, taken from Gabor Mate, is the compulsive need to continue to do something despite the negative consequences and to continue to repeat that behaviour. Addictive behaviours are in a sense coping mechanisms which have at some point been a useful way to help a client cope with the world. The behaviour […]

Depression, Grief and Loss

Grief loss and bereavement are experiences which which nearly everyone will have during the course of their lives. When people or things or jobs are, for whatever reason taken from us, we can  experience deep loss leading to grief and profound sadness. Death and other losses can be devastating, leaving us in a state of […]

Trauma and Recovery

What traumatises one person doesn’t necessarily traumatise another; trauma is entirely subjective and when working with a trained trauma therapist clients can come to express fully how something has traumatised them. Traumas may come from a single event or as a  result of a continuous drip feed from longer term neglect, which results in eventual […]

Couples Therapy

A romantic relationship is one of the closest forms of relationship that we, as humans, create and the nature of these initimate relationships means that they come with different and difficult problems from time to time. Here are a few which are quite common. lack of trust betrayal or affair jealousy lack of communication financial […]